Ultimate VR Multi-Player Party vs Your Friends

Wireless VR Headsets SHIPPED FREE BY UPS to your location with built in VR Gaming Arcade.

Play Against Your Friends!

2 VR Headset Multiplayer Package

Each of the 2 headsets comes with fully immersive games or experiences. The VR headsets also allows you to watch what your guest are doing on your own TV.
Multiple Games/Experiences Included

$500 Package

  • 2 Multiplayer VR Headsets
  • 40 Games/Experiences Included
  • Watch Your VR Headset On TV
  • FREE Shipping by UPS

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Virtual reality is the incorporation of both technology and face-to-face elements to create a virtual experience for guests. We will immerse the user in a 360-degree view of entirely new worlds where guest can interact with and often manipulate the environment. Virtual Reality For Rent will immerse you into games, experiences, time travel, space travel, and VR stories.

Lazer Tag, Dodgeball & More w/Friends

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Meet up with friends or make new ones. Party up and explore Rec Room together. No matter your friend’s location or device, Rec Room makes it feel like you’re in the same room. Explore millions of different rooms, where each room is a new experience. There’s paintball, dodgeball, parkour courses, escape rooms, high seas adventures, haunted castles and more.

Ultimate Zero-Gravity VS. Friends

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Experience the freedom of zero-g movement and high energy competition in Echo VR! Load into Echo VR social lobby to meet up with friends and customize your chassis before clashing against AI or opposing Echo Units in the Echo Arena. Echo Units that successfully strategize with their team will boost and stun their way to victory one goal an guitar rift celebration at a time.

Hang w/Friends, Watch TV & Play Games

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Bigscreen is a virtual world where people hangout with friends, collaborate with coworkers, play games, and watch movies. Choose from millions of hair styles, shirts, glasses, and avatar customizations. Draw with 3D markers, take selfies, throw tomatoes, drink soda, and eat popcorn. Time flies in VR, sitting by the virtual campfire chatting with friends.

Explore The Universe w/Friends

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Multiverse. Come in and experience our first domain – The Planetarium. Explore astronomy like never before – socially in VR with your friends. Multiverse is an experience like no other. Learn about astronomy while navigating through awe-inspiring environments that showcase the solar system, its planets, their moons and other solar bodies.

Create & Play w/Friends

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Play Capture the Flag, Battle Discs, Bowling and more incl. games built by our community. Explore hundreds of worlds created by community members. Chat, collaborate, draw, sculpt with friends. Change up your look, it’s like cosplay but in VR! Express yourself with hand gestures, emotes, and emoji. Full body avatars with lip sync, eye tracking/blinking, and complete range of motion.

Discover NEW Worlds and Play w/Friends

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Welcome to AltspaceVR, the easiest way to meet people from around the world, play interactive games, and attend free live events in VR. Choose one of many activities or attend live events with comedians, DJs, authors, celebrities, and more. Day or night, there’s always someone to hang out with. See which of your friends are online and join them wherever they are.

Express Yourself & Play w/Friends

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Half + Half is a multiplayer game about fun & connection. The game incl. five unique multiplayer spaces that are designed to connect with people you know, and also to connect with people you don’t, even if only for a short while. Swim in the ocean. Glide through clouds. Play human tetris with friends, or Hide & Seek where hiders are two inches tall, and seekers are as tall as buildings.

Virtual Reality Arcade | NOW OPEN

Unique interactive experiences for entertainment and events.


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