Mind Blower

This package is designed to Blow Your Mind! Experiences designed to take guest to new worlds and far off places.

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Mind Blower: (4 Hour Events)

Fetchit-360 will come to your events and setup your fully immersive 360 degree Room Scale Virtual Reality equipment. Within the 4 hours of Virtual Reality Rental your guest will enjoy puzzles, videos, games, short stories, and more.

Sensory Distortion comes with a fully immersive 360 degree Room Scale Virtual Reality setup. The 360 Room Scale allows you to walk, duck, run, within a 360 degree environment. Fetchit-360 room scale comes with a dedicated experienced technician to help show you thru virtual worlds.

The Sensory Distortion package also comes with two 360VR headsets. VR Headsets are stand alone and don’t need a technician to operate. They can be passed around or left within the event for guest to freely use.

Package Equipment: (27x) Experiences

Sensory Distortion packages come with a bundle of great equipment to take your event to the next level. All equipment will arrive one hour before your event to assure all VR experiences are ready for when your guest arrive.

  • (1) One Room Scale Virtual Reality Rig – 7 Experiences
  • (4) Four VR Standing Headsets – 20 Experiences
  • (2) Fetchit-360 Friendly Technician
  • Virtual Reality Equipment Activation
  • Virtual Experiences (Puzzles, Videos, Games, Stories)
  • Equipment Pickup & Delivery

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